Monsoons likely to hit Gujarat in 48 hours: IMD

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Ahmedabad, June 24 (IANS) The south-west monsoon winds are likely to bring showers in Ahmedabad and other adjoining areas during the next 48 hours, weather officials said on Monday.

Heavy rainfall is expected in northern, central and southern regions of Gujarat, whereas light to moderate showers are predicted for the Saurashtra region, according to the Meteorological Department.

The south-west monsoon winds normally touch the borders of Gujarat by the second week of June every year but they have been delayed by at least a week this year, with the winds hitting the Kerala shores on June 6. The monsoon clouds still brought pleasant rainfall in the state under the impact of the strong tropical cyclone, Vayu.

Though the cyclone, which originated in the Arabian Sea, hit the Saurashtra peninsula, it brought an overall six per cent rainfall in several regions, with north Gujarat and Saurashtra contributing at least 10 per cent each.

According to Indian Meteorological Department Director Jayant Sarkar, the rain witnessed by districts of southern and central Gujarat, including Ahmedabad city, in the last 24 hours, was only a pre-monsoon shower.

“However, the present weather conditions are extremely favourable for the onset and advancement of monsoon season coupled with heavy rains in Gujarat within 48 hours. Even though other parts of Gujarat might receive a good amount of rainfall, Saurashtra region is predicted to be in a state of deprivation with scarce amount of rainfall this monsoon,” he told reporters.

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