Money laundering case against retired Orissa HC Judge

IM Quddusi
IM Quddusi

Enforcement Department (ED) has registered a money laundering case against former chief justice of Orrisa highcourt I M Quddusi and five others.

ED has registered the case for allegedly trying to influence court proceedings over an application to grant admission rights to a Lucknow-based medical college barred by the Medical Council of India (MCI).

Other than IM Quddusi, college promoter BP Yadav, Palash Yadav, alleged mediator Biswanath Agarwal and alleged Hawala operator are among arrested by the ED.The FIR registered by CBI which made ED to take action against them has caused a stir in the Judicial system. After Quddusi got bail twice CBI questioned him.

CBI told the court that a part of the money given to Quddusi was shared by college promoter BP Yadav. According to Indian Express an official also revealed that “It was their going rate. They have similarly taken money from other people to get them favourable orders in courts. How this was being done is a matter of investigation.”

CBI has recovered 1.86 crore rupees and some documents fromt the accused which are being examined. Sources also revealed that the agency is recording the statements of the accused, ED and CBI has 80 recordings of the retired judges and other accused.

Sources said phone intercepts of conversations regarding Prasad Institute of Medical Sciences, one of 46 medical institutions barred due to poor infrastructure, prompted the CBI to arrest Quddusi, who had served in High Courts of Allahabad, Orissa and Chhattisgarh.

The five others arrested were B P Yadav and Palash Yadav, promoters of the medical college; alleged middleman Biswanath Agrawal; alleged hawala operator Ram Dev Saraswat; and Bhawana Pandey, Quddusi’s alleged associate.

Quddusi’s lawyer Vijay Aggarwal refused to comment on the fresh developments and the allegations made against the former judge.

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