Modi’s replies in Parliament :Ambiguous with no facts and figures

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Ruling the country for over 900 days, Modi government has nothing to show as its achievements that led to its successively losing different state elections.Now the prime minister Narendra Modi has taken to empty rhetoric and beating about the bush over the implementation of demonetistion ,re-launching of the old UPA schemes like MNREGA etc.

Narendra Modi’s address to Parliament on the motion of thanks to the President’s address  was something Parliamentarians were eagerly waiting for specific answers on the number of issues and policies so far implemented by the government but his replies were mostly vague as if addressed to political rallies presuming success with no factual results.

He was directly giving generalized statements on the agendas and slogans used by BJP for wooing  votes  in the Uttar Pradesh , Punjab and other states elections saying everyone should praise the valour of our Army for surgical strikes .

Modi led government wanted to implement digitization to promote the interests of the companies which actually sought to become payments bank without having any license of operating like a bank and to achieve this aim Modi resorted to demonetisation of high value currency on November 8 in an authoritarian manner pressurizing Reserve Bank of India with a wrong argument that it will curb black money and corruption.

In his rhetoric he lost the plot and narrative of the reply  and instead indulged in irrelevant attacks on former prime ministers Indira Gandhi and Manmohan Singh.

Modi keeps on harping on the scams of the UPA but he always tries to draw a curtain on the scams that have occurred  during the 2 and a half years of his tenure and the various allegations of scams levelled against his ministers .

What a drastic change is being seen in India where there is no exchange of ideas or debate on the various programmes and policies of government and instead the public is compelled to see the sponsored programs of the government which is more in the nature of infusing the only one idea to confuse the public.

When Modi is giving sermons in Uttar Pradesh on women security where countless rapes have occurred in India ,no tangible action is taken to curb this menace while in a country like South Sudan where President Salva Kiir  has ordered the country’s defence minister and his army chief of staff to execute soldiers for crimes including murder,rape against civilians.

The prime minister should well know that Parliamentarian norms should not be hijacked  for the political benefits of his party  and should answer the MPs with facts and figures .

He should not remain captive of his own image and arrogance as the evaluation of the PM  will be done by the people of India who are wise enough to praise or punish the actions of the government.

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By : Arti Bali

Senior Journalist

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