Modi’s politics of national disintegration runs counter to Trump’s nation building approach


Prime Minister Narendra Modi ‘s authoritarian and populist approach run contrary to the self-abandoning approach of President Donald Trump who endeavours to safeguard American interests.

After seizing power on empty promises, Modi started using propaganda for promoting the cause of Hindu Rashtra by creating religious and community wise divisions to fuel discord in the nation ultimately grabbing more authority that created space for his dictatorial rule .

On the contrary being a populist leader Trump has risked his personal reputation to safeguard the interests of America in security and economic matters .Trump vowed to make America a great nation again by considering the interests of America first rather than its allies.

The rift so far created threatened the country with disintegration .Modi with an extreme RSS background,the saffron brigade gathered around him and started human rights violations by targeting minorities to embrace Hindu concepts by arranging attacks on churches and Muslims on beef ban etc.

Further BJP projects Modi as a Prime Minister who is decisive and highly successful in securing our borders but the actions and results are on the contrary.The provocative statements were made by some of BJP leaders at his behest  and that escalated and resulted in unleashing terrorist attacks from across the borders and our forces had to suffer causalities and loses besides bringing down the morale of our military forces into the bargain.Government response of paying lip service to the forces by saying that the sacrifice of the forces will not go in vain.

For securing American borders,Trump signed executive orders for banning people from seven countries like Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and Libya . Trump also asked Pentagon to submit plan within 30 days for fighting Islamic state in Syria  and elsewhere  in which President and Defence Secetray Mattis  may give extra decision making powers to US advisers who are at front lines in battle zones  to eliminate terrorists and minimize the casualties in American forces.

Modi’s claim of securing India’s interests in the realm of foreign policy turned out to be hollow and baseless .Under Modi,no tangible benefits have been achieved as India’s ties with neighbouring countries like China, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar dipped considerably. India made defence pact with US  while losing its time tested friendship of Russia by forsaking time tested non aligned policy.Now India is a target of Islamic world which has transformed into global terrorism.

But Trump’s foreign policy is quite clear terming China as enemy number one and considers Russia as a friend and close partner in fighting terrorism.

Modi engaged in extraordinary squandering of financial resources by undertaking foreign trips without any relevant agenda that could have been utilized in creating millions of jobs across the country.

For creating employment opportunities in America, Trump is set to review H1B visa rules so as to benefit American citizens in getting jobs .

Modi ruins Economy

By upping his one man show Modi implemented demonetization creating problems and hardships for the Indian citizens and throwing the economy in disarray.Modi used empty rhetoric but willfully refused to reply in Parliament to the serious lapses of ignoring the advise of various chairman of the Reserve Bank of India and violating the provisions of Constitution and the the dignity of Parliament.

While Trump took oath by placing his hand on two bibles-his own, and one used by Abraham Lincoln in 1861 which holds special meaning for his family and his country. He finetunes his decision by consulting his core team that includes National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, Defence Secretary James Mattis ,Vice President Mike Pence and strategist Steve Bannon.Trump is also reviewing trade deals with other countries that will benefit United States manufacturing units  and laying out policies that will benefit middle class  and considering imposing heavy taxes on rich people.


Thus Trump is a populist leader with positive policies that would make his country strong and secure but Modi on the contrary is pursuing policies that will wreck the nation but are designed for his self aggrandizement.

arti bali

By : Arti Bali

Senior Journalist

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