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PM Narendra Modi’s Parivartan Rally in Lucknow

Lucknow, January 2: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday addressed a huge rally in Lucknow and urged people of Uttar Pradesh to vote for BJP for development.

Narendra Modi:

In a three-fold attack pointed towards ruling Samajwadi Party and key opposition parties Congress and BSP, Modi calimed BJP is the only party that thinks of the people of Uttar Pradesh.

  • “I will make sure that nothing stops development in Uttar Pradesh and for that not half-heartedly, but make us victorious with full mandate. Every other party is busy dealing with family feuds, or trying to hide their black money. The decision is yours and I am here to urge all of you to vote for BJP and let us help you. New Delhi is behind ever person of Uttar Pradesh, said Prime Minister.

Modi asked the crowd to download Bhim app

  • Modi launched the Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) app for cashless payments. The application can be set up in a matter of seconds and allows for safe, secure and simple cashless transactions. It is not a mobile wallet, the app is inter-operable with Unified Payments Interface (UPI), and it connects directly to your bank account. The application is developed by the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI).

He further said that both SP and BSP are united against me.

  • “Have you ever seen both SP and BSP united over anything? No. They are never united. But they, in one voice, are united against me. It’s your decision.
  • They say remove Modi I say remove black money, they say remove Modi, I say remove corruption. You decide what we want to remove.

Uttar Pradesh is an important cog in the wheel of development: Modi

  • PM Modi urges people of Uttar Pradesh to get over caste issues and deal with real problems. “No one can stop the state after that. All the governments that have ruled this state have put development on the backburner. Kya yehi khel khelte rahoge kya?” 

Hailing the BJP’s earlier governance in the state, Modi said BJP’s 14 years exile will get over this year.

  • “BJP was in power in Uttar Pradesh, and fourteen years have passed. And people are saying that BJP’s exile of 14 years will be over this year. But that’s not what I am worried about. The problem is that for 14 years, the development also has been banished from the state. This is a chance for development to come back.”

Modi recalled Atal Bihar Vajpayee and said:

  • “Today, Atal ji, whose pure sincerity and unwavering devotion towards the party has made us come till here. I salute him and other leaders of the party like him.”
  • This is the biggest rally I have ever addressed.
  • “Even during the run-up to the 2014 general elections, I did not see such a massive rally. Thank you for coming.”

Rajnath Singh:

  • Rajnath Singh urges the gathered crowd to make BJP victorious by 275+ votes. “There is a dangal going on in Uttar Pradesh, but people of the state want mangal and not dangal.”
  • Attacking the SP and the BSP, Rajnath says there has been no positive change in the state. “Corruption in the state has increased by manifolds. When BJP was in power, the state flourished but SP and BSP have ruined development. Under BJP, development and honesty will make a ghar waapsi in Uttar Pradesh.”
  • “Someone says it’s a rally, someone might say it is a grand rally, but what I see is a huge ocean of people who want change in Uttar Pradesh.”

Amit Shah-wefornews-min

Amit Shah

Amit Shah attacks Samajwadi tussle:

  • He urges people to throw out Samajwadi Party government and bring back BJP with full majority.
  • Uncle-Nephew and Mayawati cannot bring change, you will have to elect Narendra Modi’s BJP.

Amit Shah attacks the Opposition on demonetisation:

  • Amit Shah says that the Opposition was questioning the PM for not fighting corruption but now after 8 November, it is asking why did it start the not ban.

Land grabbers will be jailed

  • Amit Shah says that land grabbers belonging to the SP will be in jail within one week of BJP coming to power.

Amit Shah says SP not allowing development in UP

  • Amit Shah speaking at the rally said that the prime minister is genuinely interested in developing UP. He added that the prime minister has allotted Rs one lakh rupees every year to the state.

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