Modi’s Pakistan policy fails in Pew Survey

PM Modi and Pak PM Sharif

Decoding the distressing mood of the nation after the deadliest attack on Indian army base in Uri, a notable Pew Research Center on Monday revealed that only 22 % of Indians approve of PM Modi’s Pakistan Policy.

In its annual survey that was conducted post-Pathankot Air Force base terrorist attack, as much as half of the respondents disapproved New Delhi’s management of India’s flip-flop relationship with Pakistan.

About 62 % of respondents endorsed the use of overwhelming military force to defeat the plague of terrorism while 52 % were worried about ISIS that poses a major threat to national security.  On the contrary, only 21 % were against the use of the force and believed relying too much on security forces could create hatred and promote terrorism instead.

In the wake of recent Uri attacks that led to the martyrdom of 18 soldiers, opposition too flayed sharply at Modi government for risking Indian borders and national security from last two years. At least 10 major attacks on security forces have been reported since PM Modi took the charge.

Modi has been time and again been targeted for using a casual approach to handle Pakistan endorsed terrorism issue. After Pathankot, Indians were not expecting another attack on its army and social media has raged with anti Pakistan messages to condemn Uri attacks ever since Sunday.

Army too has clearly proved Pakistan’s involvement in the Uri attacks as the weapons and food packets bore Pakistani markings. The GPS navigation also revealed that the attackers began their journey from Pakistan. After the high-level meeting, the PMO has decided to isolate Pakistan globally and at ongoing UNGA. However, Pakistan has been defiant and called New Delhi’s allegation “immature” and “baseless.”

The attack on the army by terrorists on our own land is like waging a war against the nation on its own territory. It is high time. India should alter its foreign policy and stop being “soft nation” by sending “love letters” to Pakistan as it charged Congress during Mumbai attacks. After a series of similar attacks in last two years including Udhampur, Gurdaspur, Pathankot, Pampore and now Uri attacks, India needs to certainly look inside its foreign policy and construct a wholesome approach to send a befitting reply to the nasty neighbour and solve the crisis.
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