Modi’s India surpasses Trump’s America in racism, assaults on people

Trump Modi

Loss of lives is of no consequence even  to elected dictators in so far as it suits their ends in policy matters. This aptly fits in the killing of 32-year old Indian techie Srinivas Kuchibholta in Kansas where Donald Trump has chosen not to comment on this horrific issue. More so  even the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whose countrymen has been targeted has not taken up the matter with the US authorities when a sizable percentage of Indians are residing in Donald Trump’s America under the shadows of fear in a racist and xenophobic society. Strangely how the Indian and the US leaders find themselves entrapped  in their own web.

US President Trump’s policy is to  secure American interests against immigrants whether they are Indian (brown), African (black) or Chinese (yellow) while Narendra Modi’s policy is to remain content with his wishful thinking that if he doesn’t condemn such hate crimes in America than US President will support him in economic  and in giving relaxation to Indians in H1B visa rules. Modi is also fearful that his condemnation of an Indian murder in US by a white nationalist can attract accusations from  Trump administration and the UNSC of what is happening in Delhi universities, JNU, Kashmir where Freedom of speech  is suppressed and ABVP, RSS and police force have created a hell for students  and especially Gurmehar Kaur daughter of Kargil Martyr who has fled Delhi in an environment of utter fear. She is trolled on social media and is being threatened with rape and life threats.

In a surprise statement White House press secretary Sean Spicer  said that its was too early to call the act as a hate crime and said  it would be “absurd” to link the engineer’s death to the president’s anti-immigrant rhetoric when the US Navy Veteran, Adam Purinton accused of killing the Indian Techie Kuchibhotla yelled “get out of my country” before he began firing.

This kind of active hostility which is parallel to the lone wolf attacks inspired by terror groups go even further than the atrocities of Nazi Germany and ISIS. World has become a  place  for spreading terror on the pretext of nationalism and religion  and for usurping others rights in any name.

TRump is reviewing H-1B visa to usher in an era of “America First”and to provide jobs to Americans whereas the happenings in India point to creating conditions for riots and ‘Fasads’.

arti bali

By : Arti Bali

Senior Journalist


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