Modi’s graveyard remark shows fear of losing Uttar Pradesh poll battle

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Is Prime Minister Narendra Modi haunted by bad dreams as he refers to  graveyards and cremations in these elections

What an achievement for PM Narendra Modi to become the most followed world leader on Facebook by virtue of his having created communal situation in the country and at the same time making utterances about “graveyards and cremation grounds”.

This shows his mindset of polarizing the already communalised society since his coming to power. He has stooped to a very low style of campaigning of using offensive language against the various parties contesting these elections. Instead of giving details of his performance, Modi is seen indulging in showing amashas by giving cheap abbreviations of the parties (Modi stated that  BSP stands for Behenji Sampatti party) and provoking leaders of contesting parties to use offensive and foul language to divert the minds of the people of India from real issues.

Modi knows the failures of his government in the areas of providing employment, reducing inflation, providing good governance, safety of women, setting up of industries, he very tactfully twisted the agendas of assembly elections of Uttar Pradesh the most important state that reflects the mood of the people for the next 2019 Lok Sabha polls.

Modi’s statement that “If a village receives funds for a graveyard, then it should also get for cremation grounds… If you provide uninterrupted power supply for Ramzan, then you should also do it for Diwali.” is hollow and shows a wide gap between actions and reality as Modi refused to wear the skull cap offered to him by a Muslim leader, then under his very nose: Muslims were attacked and they were subjected to ghar-wapsi for conversions, giving badhkau (instigating) bhashans (speeches) to inflame communal tensions and advising Muslims to leave India if they feel insecure in this country and BJP party can be branded as so communal that not even a single ticket has been given to any Muslim candidate.

Modi should understand that his language does not bring in communal harmony in this country and his polarising language will recoil on himself and his own party and saffron brigade.

Aware of the fact that emerging signs are not very encouraging for BJP and for his position as prime minister when he has lost 6 elections in a row (Delhi, Bihar, West Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Ponducherry)  after 2014and is staring at similar fate in Uttar Pradesh and other state assembly elections.

The Samajwadi Party –Congress alliance and BSP’s Mayawati prospects of returning to power  has made the  battle of Uttar Pradesh quite tedious for Modi and he knows that if BJP loses the elections it will be difficult for him to take the blame so now he is in search of excuses and is diverting the public attention from real issues of demonetisation and serious slow down of economy.

India needs a leader like Franklin D. Roosevelt who ruled America from 1933-45  and pulled out his country from Great Depression creating jobs and ushering in  a changing and growing social order.

arti bali

By : Arti Bali

Senior Journalist

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