Modi’s foreign policy a disaster as China’s Economic and Russia’s political power rise

Narendra Modi

With the completion of three years of Narendra Modi’s rule, the evaluation about his achievements/failures are being calculated with respect to India’s sliding power in the International arena. Country no longer enjoys the old status in the unfolding power shifts amongst America, China and Russia and it has now to content with support  from the powers with secondary positions like Japan, France and Germany to sustain itself.

Taking the case of One Belt One Road  which also includes China Pakistan Economic Corridor with onwards links to Europe have given rise to China’s strategic  and economic power comparable with the USA. Pakistan as India’s enemy country is so much integrated with China that they have  become co-joined twins and Islamabad no longer needs US aid as it enjoys the privilege of China’s economic partnership as well as its military might.

Further the story of Pakistan is changing fast :Pakistan will have a bigger influence in the United Nations Security Council with China occupying a permanent  seat in the security Council where as with Saudi-America strong strategic relationship  and Pakistan’s recently-Retired army chief General Raheel Sharif  is the commander of Saudi-led, 39-country Islamic Military Alliance to fight terrorism (IMAFT), dubbed as Muslim NATO. Moreover US. President Donald Trump attended the US-Arab-Islamic summit on May 21  and endorsed the Islamic Military Alliance , created by Saudi Arabia  as a force against  Shiite Iran and to combat ISIS.Moreover, Pakistan’s offer of access to the Indian Ocean will considerably reduce China’s reliance on the checkpoint of the Malacca Strait in Southeast Asia for oil imports from the Mideast.

Modi’s foreign policy advisers and experts have failed miserably to evaluate the larger implications of the CPEC and the OBOR on the regional as well as Global stage. In diplomatic game one has to keep his cards  close to the chest but Modi instead did not hesitate to revealed his cards regarding his foreign policy plans.

Meanwhile, Russian political power is rising :starting from Syria in 2015, Ukraine annexation, interference in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election and now, in French Dutch and British elections. On the other hand, China’s economic activities and projects stretch from South Asia-around India Ocean (Sri Lanka and Myanmar)  and on wards to Mid-East countries and culminating in London.

Indian foreign policy advisers are again misleading by advising the Prime Minister to focus on Israel-Palestine conflict to divert the attention from his policy failure. Whereas Indian skilled professionals are facing hurdles with countries like U.S. , Australia, New Zealand etc who have changed their visa norms to ban Asian Migrants seizing the jobs of their respective nationals. Indian workers in Saudi Arabia retrenched by three Saudi companies have returned home in search of jobs.

It is worth mentioning that no data is available  on jobs created at home by Modi government in three years time when a report released by recruitment firm Head Hunters India has upped the attrition rate to 1.75 to 2 Lakh per year due to the failure of companies to re-skill the workforce in a rapidly changing market place from the cloud to NanoTechnology, Robotics, 3D printing, Big Data Analytics and Cognitive Computing.

arti bali

By : Arti Bali

Senior Journalist


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