Modi’s demonetisation move really little harsh or more?


Delhi, 15 Nov: As the banks are open Today, people started forming queues from the early morning even some people are standing from the midnight to exchange the scrapped currency who are in urgent need.

Anguished mobbed criticizing the decision and expressing their problems but nobody is there to listen them , they just have to stand in queue for undefined hours to get the money which they earned.


A sense of anxiety, anger can be seen in the crowd over the decision of Narendra Modi government as People are unable to pay for their basic needs, they are standing in lines for hours and some of them are returning back with bare hands but the central government is busy in beating drums on their move.

Many complaints of scuffle, fights, arguments are also reported in several areas.

BJP is terming the step as a little harsh but actually it is more than that for the common man who is urgently in need of money. What about a family man whose daughter’s married is scheduled in the coming days. How will he manage the money. Will he stand in queue or make other arrangements?



Clearly, the problem is serious for the common man especially for traders, salesman, vendors who are unable to sell their products or goods due to the bold decision.

 Wefornews Bureau

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