This Modified Suzuki Jimny Powered by a 650cc Engine is Grabbing Everyone’s Attention

Suzuki Jimny Modified
Suzuki Jimny Modified

Ever since its launch, the compact SUV by Japanese automobile major Suzuki, Jimny has created a distinctive reputation. The vehicle not only comes as one of the most affordable SUVs but also offers outstanding comfort owing to high ground clearance, lightweight body material and a host of convenient features. The high demand for the SUV has resulted in a shortage of supply with long waiting periods for buyers across the globe. This has made the vehicle evolve into a collector’s piece with a craze ballooning. Japanese ESB Customs in this regard has come up with a modified version of the Suzuki Jimny. The vehicle owing to its simple hardware specs is easy to modify and has inspired many designers to demonstrate their creativity.

The modified version of the SUV by ESB Customs takes vehicle modification to a whole new level. Their team have transformed a blue off-roader into a street racing vehicle. It is beyond our comprehension as to why would they do it, but the result however is eye gleaming with great attention to detail.

Suzuki Jimny Modified

According to Rushlane, the team has reduced the height of the vehicle by a significant 90 mm utilising custom CLS suspension and an anti-roll kit. The modification has furnished the Suzuki Jimny with an aggressive appearance which is complemented by a custom CLS Barrel aero kit that features a new bumper, air intakes as well as an elegant makeover of the grill area.

Suzuki Jimny Modified

The aggressively modified Jimney also comprises side skirts, a custom-built rear bumper and a new spoiler mounted on the roof. The wide tyres and a reduced ground clearance adds to the sportiness of the vehicle. The details of the interiors of the vehicle, however, are not available but as per reports, they include custom made upholstery and a modified CLS steering wheel. Suzuki demonstrated the Jimy in India at the Auto Expo 2020.

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