Modi used Jumla strike – a 21st century political weapon on people: Rahul

New Delhi, July 20 : Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Friday pointedly attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for launching the  “jumla strike” considered as the 21st Century political weapon and the people of India are the victims of it. 

During the ongoing debate over the no-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha, Rahul said, “I heard Mr Galla’s speech very carefully, I listened to everything you said. And I sensed a certain anxiety, a deep feeling of pain. And I want to tell you from here that you are the victim of a 21st century political weapon. Very fantastic political weapon and you are not alone. There are many victims like you in the country. The weapon is called the ‘jhumla strike’.

Describing the  Symptoms of the ‘jhumla strike’ are, Rahul said ,” Great sense of excitement, happiness  there is a feeling of shock  then there are 8 hour long speeches.”

The Congress President  even spoke about the victims of the strike, “Who else are victims? Farmers, youth, Dalits, tribals and women of the country.”

Listing out the strikes carried out by PM Modi, Rahul said “Jumla strike No 1: 15 lakhs in every Indian citizens account ;Jumla no 2 : 2 crore youths will get jobs every year .”

“Wherever the PM goes, he talks about employment. Sometimes he says make pakodas, open shops. Who will bring employment? SMEs, small retailers, the construction industry. PM brought in demonetisation. Probably he was not aware that farmers, labourers, and the poor run their businesses in cash,” Rahul said.

“MSP is also a ‘jumla strike’: Prime Minister waived hundreds of crore of corporate debt but not of farmers. With MSP hike government has provided benefits to farmers worth Rs 10,000 crore and Karnataka government alone has waived loans worth over Rs 40,000 crore,” Rahul said.

Rahul Gandhi continues, “You said every person will get Rs 15 lakh – this is jhumla No 1. You said two crore youth will gets jobs every year, this is jhumla No 2. In 2016-17, all over the country, four lakh people have got jobs according to the labour survey. The Indian youth had faith in the PM as in every speech of his he said he will give 2 crore jobs to the youth.”

“China provided 50,000 youth jobs every day. But the PM generates only 400 youth jobs everyday,” Rahul said. Speaking to the PM, he added, “Wherever you go, you speak about jobs — make pakodas, open shops… who will give jobs? Jobs will be given by small business and shops.”

Rahul alleged that “PM doesn’t have place in his heart for poor, marginalised’

“The PM doesn’t go out… he travels abroad but never leaves his security cordon. He doesn’t speak to small businessmen just to the suit boot people. What’s in the heart of the poor and marginalised doesn’t reach the PM,” Rahul says. “You pickpocketed the poor… those who run small businesses and establishments.”

Referring to the PM’s Jio advertisement, Rahul Gandhi adds, “The PM does things for those who help him. But for the rest of the country and its workforce, the PM doesn’t have a place in his heart.

The Congress leader also hit out at Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) over demonetisation and goods and services tax in his speech, the most important ever since he became the main opposition party’s president.



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