Modi takes India backward as China, Pakistan take big strides

Modi from Goa

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President -elect Donald Trump are actually sailing in the same boat.Ṭhe so called bold moves or decisions by Modi and Trump will push India and America centuries of years backward.While Pakistan and China are taking big strides in marching ahead in developing their economies .

China has already surpassed US economy and is now on a threshold of strong cooperation with Latin America  by entering into a Free Trade Agreement to boost their economies. Besides making huge presence in the European and Mid-East markets.

While India’s economy stands shattered due to foolish policies of our government where as Pakistan is flush with funds due to China Pakistan Economic Corridor which also restores stability to Pakistan.Their projections embrace a multitude of projects that will create unimaginable proportion of employment.

As BJP leaders have lined up to applaud demonetisation  and terming  PM Modi’s decision  a bold move  and saying hoarders of black money are criticising  because their black money has turned into valueless currency notes.

But Modi needs to be reminded that in 2014 campaign he declared that he will bring black money  from abroad and get it credited into the bank accounts  of Indian citizens.

In 2015 he emphatically assured that black money is being brought in India.

But ultimately in 2016ˆhe has come out with a strange version that black money is there with the poor people of India.

He is therefore employed state machinery to snatch the much needed saved currency notes from the poor which is crippling the economy.

Mr Modi parallel black economy still exists

1  Black Money is being massively created through conversion from old to new currency notes

2  Tourists are forced to exchange their Dollars at lower rate of RS 56 a dollar against the official rate of Rs68 a dollar .

3 Black Money is always with the capitalists and not with the misers who indulge in money laundering to increase black money transactions.

4  Black Money is never accumulated in cash

5  Black Money is stashed in Swiss accounts, Panama papers and government is in full knowledge  of the persons having accounts abroad.

6  Black Money is actually generated in government For a construction of a house or getting a tender accepted from the authorities high bribes are paid and recently  a bribe of 2.5 Lakh in new currency notes  were seized in Gujarat.

The system supporting the economy of India has been shattered by scrapping Rs500 notes while the system where black money flourishes has not even touched by the government.

PM Modi and BJP leaders should wait for the outcome of demonetisation till his term comes to an end in 2019 when his party will be wiped out and his name will be counted in the tribe of Hitler,Stalin and Mao Zedong.

arti bali

By : Arti Bali Senior Journalist

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