Why Modi silent after having ruined the economy : Priyanka Gandhi

Priyanka Gandhi
Priyanka Gandhi, Image: Congress Twitter

New Delhi, Sep 8: Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi on Sunday said the Narendra Modi government remains silent after ruining the economy and trying to hide the grim situation of the country through propaganda and lies.

Priyanka Gandhi also attacked Modi government and said that the government is still silent on the issue of economic slowdown and is hiding the truth from people through drama, deceit and lie.

In a tweet in Hindi, Priyanka said: “Government is sitting silent on economic slowdown. The buisness has been stalled as companies are in trouble. From drama, deceit, lie, and publicity they are hiding the critical condition of the country from people.”

As PM Narendra Modi went aggressively to announce the achievements of his government after the completion of 100 days in office, Congress highlighted the failures of the Modi government.

Rahul in a sarcastic way first congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi for completing 100 days and then launched a scathing attack on Modi for the economic slowdown the country is facing today.

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