Modi should probe corruption scandals occurring under his government

Narendra Modi

Modi government will be remembered as an anti-secular government that sowed the seeds of anti-nationalism that engulfed the country in civil war like conditions and is solely obsessed with criticising and spewing venom against Gandhi family. In these 42 months of their tenure, Modi and his ministers have been attacking Congress rule as if the people of India have voted only for this purpose.

The Saffron party fails to understand that it is the Congress government that lifted India from poverty after partition and settled the people displaced from Pakistan who had migrated here empty handed. This was indeed a herculean task.

But Modi’s government reversed the tide and the settled people have been pushed into poverty and joblessness. His policies have broken the spine of the Indian people and will find it difficult to recover the loss.

While former prime minister Manmohan Singh enjoyed a clean image and on the mere accusations of corruption against some ministers by the Opposition, he started inquiries and probes against his ministers and even compelled them to resign.

Where as Prime Minister Narendra Modi has dismissed the decision of the electorate by giving major portfolio to Arun Jaitley who had been defeated in the Amritsar Lok Sabha elections. Rather Jaitley has been gifted with the portfolios of Finance Minister and minister of Corporate affairs just because he is the financer of the Bharatiya Janata party.

When media exposed a corruption case against BJP President Amit Shah’s son Jay Shah, the BJP President filed defamation case against it and the Modi government and his ministers out-rightly rejected to probe the scandal. The WIRE published an article alleging an exponential 16,000 times growth of a company, Temple enterprise, co-owned by Jay Shah after Narendra Modi became the prime minister of India.

Amit Shah defended his son and asked the Opposition to prove the allegations in the court and Home Minister Rajnath Singh  also joined him saying  “no need of investigations.”

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has charged Gujarat chief Minister Vijay Rupani’s entity Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) for  ‘manipulative trade’in a little known company Saran chemicals and imposed a fine of Rs 15 Lakh. And the Opposition Congress has asked to set up a probe in all the above corruption scandals but the Modi government is instead providing shelter to them. Modi should stop patting his own back while the economy is in doldrums.

Now, Modi should clarify why he is shielding the corrupt and prefers to keep mum on these crucial issues. He garnered votes on the rhetoric of eliminating corruption, upliftment of the poor and the farmers but has thrust the people of India into poverty, misery and seized their money terming as black money.


By: Arti Bali

Senior Journalist

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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