Modi should be more circumspect before making statements: Kapil Sibal

Kapil Sibal
Kapil Sibal, Photo Tweeted by ANI

New Delhi: Senior Congress leader and Rajya Sabha MP Kapil Sibal while talking to the media today said, that PM Modi should check the facts before making any public statement. He said that he never represented the Sunni Wakf Board in the Supreme Court. 

Sibal took to twitter and said, Setting the record straight about the litigant i appeared to nail the lie of the BJP. Attaching the order copy.

“I was very surprised yesterday when the Prime Minister made a public statement that I was appearing for the Sunni Wakf Board in proceedings before the Supreme Court. And when I gave a clarification that this is not the case, I was even more surprised that the television channels were carrying lies and telling lies to the people of the country that I was appearing for somebody, I never appeared for. I expected the Prime Minister to be a little more circumspect before making any such statement. said Sibal”

“Sibal also said that, “Because I know that this was made for political reasons but he should have been a little more careful. I hope that before he makes such a statement, he should clarify the facts and find out what the truth is. But be that as it may, I don’t want say anything more on the issue.”

Sibal also said, “Children cannot breathe in many cities, farmers are committing suicides, agricultural output has gone down, demonetisation has robbed people of their legitimate money, their businesses, many people lost their lives, GST had an adverse impact on informal sector which is waiting for revival.”

The economy has lost about 3 lakh crore due to GST and demonetisation and which is actual loss not presumptive. Education and health sectors are in a bad shape. And what is the national issue for the BJP – whom I appeared for or didn’t appear.

For the Prime Minister these are not national issues. What has my appearances in court to do with development and particularly the Gujarat Model of Development which the Prime Minister talks about.


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