Modi should avoid using Army as cannon fodder for political purposes


As increasing number of soldiers are laying down their lives for the nation,the ruling party politicians have been allowed by the Modi government to push for anti-Pakistan talk so that the people of the two countries can never think of any normalisation of relations and what is more insulting is the insensitive statements issued by a BJP MP about the Indian soldiers that “those in the army are bound to die.”

BJP MP Nepal Singh said  “Ye to roz marenge Army mein, koi aisa desh hai jahan army ka aadmi na marta ho jhagde mein? Gaon mein bhi jhagda hota hai to ek na ek to ghaayal hoga hi! Koi aisi device batao, jisse aadmi na mare? Aisi cheez batao ki goli kaam na kare, use karwa dein.

Which translates to, “they will die every day in the Army. Is there any country whose soldiers do not die while fighting? Even in villages if there is a scuffle, at least one person will get hurt. Name a device from which people do not die? Tell one such thing which can stop the bullet.”

Narendra Modi was given the charge of prime ministership  by the people of India  and former Prime Minister  Manmohan Singh of UPA government handed over normalised states of the country to Modi.But Modi and BJP fail to explain how they have transformed peaceful Jammu and Kashmir to a volatile state where large number of security personnel are being killed by the terrorists and the Pakistan soldiers.

Why there is such a spurt in the incidents of killings of minorities and lawless incidents.

Both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bharatiya Janta Party President Amit Shah are celebrating the increase in the number of BJP ruled states in the country but BJP’s three year rule has ended up with chaos, protests and alienation among Kashmiris  in Jammu and Kashmir, large number of casualties of Indian forces personnel  due to threatening statements made by  ruling party politicians and RSS men since 2014 against Pakistan.

Hence, a new India has emerged under Modi led government who is  treating his own Armymen as cannon fodder.

Amarjit Singh, the father of the Sepoy Jagsir Singh who was martyred on January 1, accused the government of treating sons of poor families like objects .”Saada sab kuch khatam ho gaya (Everything is over for us). What was our fault? Just that we are poor people and our sons do not think twice before joining Army and serving the country. But what do they get in return? Sons of poor families are being treated like objects by the government and if one is killed by Pakistan, four others are pushed ahead. Government will keep doing this instead of taking stern action and revenge against Pakistan. They will keep doing this because they can see that if one soldier is killed, there are four others behind him who are ready to die for the country. When will it stop?” questioned Amarjit, holding his two-years-old grandson in his lap.

Modi should understand that history records many examples where foreign invaders have been using the security forces of this country as cannon fodder and no Indian  Prime Minister ever allowed such type of treatment meted out  to our security forces.

The previous governments had never used Army for political purposes  and has given Indian security personnel  due respect, prestige and logistical support to safeguard the borders of the country.

In 2017, there have been 820 ceasefire violations and 59 infiltrating militants have been killed while security forces have suffered a loss of 61 soldiers.

The government appears concealing the unrecorded casualties of the Indian forces  and all these above developments happening in India put a big question mark on Modi’s domestic and foreign policy.

The terrorists, apparently owing allegiance to the Pakistan’s Jaish-e-Mohammed group attacked a training camp of CRPF at 2am  and the force lost five personnel while the terror module suffered only  two casualties out of four well-armed militants.

The most important point to be noted that Jaish -e-Mohammad  militants were all Kashmiris that were trained for a guerrilla operation.

What type of governance is BJP led State and Central government is providing to the Jammu and Kashmir that younsters are swelling the ranks of the militants  and our security forces are being killed brutally.


By: Arti Bali

Senior Journalist

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