Modi ‘s silence on loan waiver after cheating the farmers

Rahul Gandhi Mandsaur

India is in a chaotic situation where farmers are being killed in addition to their suicides for demanding loan waivers through a peaceful protest  as BJP-ruled state of Madhya Pradesh resorted to violently crush their agitation by deploying police force and riots police.

Another dimension to the farmers debt problem is Centre’s flat  refusal to grant any funds to the affected states for waiving of the farmers loans. When Modi became the Prime Minister of India, he loudly spoke for safeguarding the farmers interest. But numerous farmers committed suicide with three years of Modi’s rule and ironically he  again gave assurance to farmers in Uttar Pradesh of waiving their debt if they voted him and his BJP party to power. Uttar Pradesh, which is the largest state in India and has not been under BJP’s rule for more than 10 years, now voted for BJP after it split the Samajwadi party through Amar Singh. Uttar Pradesh is the first state this year to announce a whopping Rs 36,359 crore farm debt waiver for small and marginal farmers.

But Uttar Pradesh election scenario initiated and motivated the farmers of other BJP ruled states for seeking loan waivers  and this brought to the fore the simmering resentment of farmers in other states that ultimately burst in June 2017 in Mandusar in Madhya Pradesh.

Shivraj Singh Chouhan Drunk with power deployed police and Rapid Action Force  to quell the farmers protest in which five farmers were killed. When the state government action was hugely criticised by Opposition, Shivraj Singh Chouhan in a bizarre and a dramatic manner began an indefinite fast for BRINGING PEACE to the spoilt situation. Rather, Chouhan  and the Central government blamed the Opposition for “politicising” the agitation by farmers.

Though agriculture is a State subject, the fact, whether one likes it or not, is that it is identified more with the Centre in the eyes of the farmer. With grandstanding from the Parliament by successive finance ministers in their budget speeches with mighty allocations for agriculture, irrigation and so on, and promises such as that made by none less than Modi himself in pre-election rallies in UP of farm loan waivers, the Centre, willy-nilly, is seen as the last resort by the Indian farmer. There is no point in now attempting to shift the onus on to States. Anyway, the States in turmoil now are all ruled by the BJP, and by extension Modi, in the eyes of the farmer.

Modi government which persistently supports for protection of human rights, has now  out rightly rejected to provide funds for farmers who are engaged in this un remunerative profession  of agriculture.

Modi’s declarations for increase  in income of farmers now shows a variation in his pitch or tone of voice as farmers in Mandsaur in MP  are beig subjected to killing by  police and rapid action force for demanding their remunerativeprices for their agriculture produce and increase in their incomes keeping in view their input costs.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said the Union government will not partake in states’ fiscal leverage in waiving farm loans and made it clear that the cost has to be borne by them.The stance of the central government assumes significance against the backdrop of farm debt waiver announced by Maharashtra government even as the country has already witnessed violent protests from farmers in Madhya Pradesh a few days back, demanding a debt relief.

It is therefore pertinent to say that Bharatiya Janata Party is in a habit of cheating farmers by first promising them of loan waivers  and then turning their backs at the time when their demands are to be fulfilled. BJP is always ready to take votes from the farmers but during the fulfilment of their promise , Finance Minister states  that no funds will be allotted from Centre coffers while PM Modi maintains absolute silence on the farmers unrest .

Adding to their agonies, PM Modi ask farmers to opt for crop insurance and Finance minister is looking for reforms to tax even the agriculturist. PM Modi suddenly comes out with his astonishing theory that crores of Rupees are in Jan Dhan accounts meaning that farmers have enough money to sustain and they are in no need of loan waivers.

The resentment is spreading across the country and will adversely affect the political calculations of is therefore advised That BJP should safeguard the interests of the farmers as all states come under the supervision of the Prime Minister and at the time of any eventuality the Centre is bound to provide all assistance to the farmers in the shape of loan waivers or granting them interest free loans.

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By : Arti Bali

Senior Journalist

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