Modi raising objections to Rahul temple’s visit show him in poor light

BJP leaders questioned why he had signed in the non-Hindu visitors book at the temple and asked him to come clean on his faith.
Narendra Modi

Campaigning in Gujarat assembly elections has entered a phase of high pitch and low concepts as Prime Minister Narendra Modi has resorted to raking up nonsensical issues by taunting Congress vice President Rahul Gandhi of visiting Somnath temple where as Modi and his coterie has hopped from temple to temple (Jain Temples) to seek blessings.

Bharatiya Janta Party had projected Modi as a leader in 2014 but Prime Minister Narendra Modi has ended up being a low level politician in 2017 by using low level politics of the persons like Amar Singh and mulayam Singh yadav.

Gujarat elections is a prestige issue for Modi and he started his campaign unofficially by first launching many inaugurations such as Dahej-based Petroleum, Chemical and Petrochemical Investment Region (PCPIR), sanctioning conversion of eight state highways as 1,200-km-long national highways and wooing people by series of sops and alluring them these above projects will generate jobs.

After the schedule of Gujarat elections were announced, Modi recounted his government’s achievements and termed his government as pro-development government. When he realized that farmers are upset with his government and committing suicides; Patidars and OBCs are parting ways with the BJP, Modi switched over to national issues such as demonetization and even encashing the Martyrs in Jammu and Kashmir by patting his back for his decision of surgical strikes in Pakistan and then he raised high sounding superlatives such as Jai Hind, Hindutuva. Now, Modi is needlessly criticizing Rahul Gandhi for visiting temples.

Modi started invoking the names of Vallabhbhai and Ambedkar for the sake of attracting votes from Patidars community and Dalits in Gujarat assembly elections.

BJP leaders questioned why he had signed in the non-Hindu visitors book at the temple and asked him to come clean on his faith.

But PM Modi fails to clarify how does a faith matters to governance or to ones position in the country.Such ridiculous and cheap observations are often made by the Saffron party which shows that this party is actually devoid of sense and strongly favours communal politics.

How does the faith matters in the governance of the country which is constitutionally a secular and those are trying to brand India as only a Hindu country are infact doing in-service to the nation.PM Modi who looks people through the prism of discrimination ,has never worn the skull cap but was never criticised on this ground.

Modi had been using polarising as a tool to win elections and in 2002 Modi the then the chief minister of Gujarat, had positioned himself as the protector of Hindus and dubbed Congress a pro-Muslim party. Now, BJP has again targeted Congress especially Rahul who is visiting Temples.

One should ask the question why Modi is always visiting temples prior to every state assembly polls.

Congress party and Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had never resorted to religious politics just to win the elections but Bharatiya Janata Party has displayed that it is strictly communal party..

On what grounds Modi is asking the Congress Party of what they have achieved in 70 years. In 70 years Congress has achieved a society that is not ridden with impertinent questions and made India stand in the group of advanced countries.

Modi has betrayed farmers by writing off loans worth Rs 140 lakh crore for industrialists. He should introspect and be ashamed of his conduct in public life. Congress was the first party to established the rule of law and laid the very foundation of relations with foreign countries ..Why Pm Modi is raising absurd issues when there are other important matters to be sorted out before the nation..



By: Arti Bali

Senior Journalist

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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