Modi must watch Mehbooba’s objectives for Kashmir

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With high infiltrations, increased number of attacks on armed forces and ceasefire violations from across the border and Kashmir remaining internally disturbed since 7 July and the state government having failed miserably to contain the unrest and work for the betterment of the people of Kashmir as part of India.

Modi government reiterated that Kashmir unrest is Pakistan sponsored but fails to spell out the exact game plan and strategy adopted by the Pakistan civilian government,Pakistan military with ISI and the terror groups which are working to create situation similar to those that existed in East Pakistan resulting in the formation of Bangladesh (Mukti Bahini engaging Pakistani forces and army getting immobilized when Indian forces got involved in the civil war like situation in Bangladesh ).

The root cause of the Kashmir problem is that the regional parties ie National Conference as well as PDP have never worked for the interest of Kashmir as part of  India rather they worked in putting forward their own party’s agendas and creating their own relevance in the Kashmir issue.

The Bharatiya Janata Party ruling at the centre and the prime minister Narendra Modi should have thought deeply before making an alliance with the PDP ,whose main agenda revolves around “Azaadi” .

The Supreme Court  has ruled “Jammu and Kashmir has no vestige of sovereignty outside the Constitution of India and its own Constitution ,which is subordinate to the Constitution of India…. they (residents of state ) are governed  first by the Constitution of India  and also by the Constitution of Jammu & Kashmir.”

Now Mehbooba Mufti is explaining the agenda of alliance and stating that “PM Modi can go to any extent to resolve the issue once and for all.”Mufti also stated that working group explicitly reached to the agenda for Kashmir that includes  the withdrawal of AFSPA ,opening of new routes to POK, Pakistan, Central Asia  and China in recognition of global forces ,forming a consultative committee of POK and J&K for business purposes.Mehbooba explicitly stated that “self-rule for Kashmir means more globalisation, economy with free borders.”

She out-rightly denied the role of army /security forces for normalizing the situation which was agreed to even by BJP and PDP alliance government.

It appears Mehbooba has the same thinking of Islamic State caliphate which favours world with no borders and it is least to mention that ISIS flags were waved in Kashmir on many occasions. Modi should be cautious in formulating strategy for Kashmir .

It points to randomly deviating from the agreed agenda that according to Mufti have complicated the Kashmir situation as it exists at present.Now it is for the main partner that is the Modi government with such a huge mandate to undertake the necessary steps which are so essential to restore the dignity of the country with a peaceful Kashmir.

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By : Arti Bali Senior Journalist

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