Modi may cancel UP Polls to hold simultaneous elections in 2019

Thinking that his supposedly masterstroke of demonetization scheme has completely backfired and that he may face Delhi and Bihar like defeats in Uttar Pradesh elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi may call for simultaneous Lok Sabha and Assembly elections in 2019.

The indication of this new type of scheme was revealed when PM Modi in an all party meet ,called on all political parties to not to disrupt his government business in the current winter session.But Press Information Bureau released a statement that “ prime Minister Narendra Modi  said that it was time the issues of State funding of elections and holding simultaneous Lok Sabha and Assembly elections in the country were discussed .”

The political parties should remain alert against his sudden announcement for conducting simultaneous elections as his last gambit to win the elections.While unofficial emergency in every form virtually exists in India with people deep in rage who are not letting their fears come out in the open and demonetisation has further frustrated the entire nation.

Thus taking resort to sudden gambits shows his dictatorial tendencies of implementing schemes without weighing their pros and cons.

PM is now contemplating to introduce reforms in the political funding of the state elections . According to existing rules ,political parties in India are supposed to  file annual income and expenditure statements with the election Commission through which all contributions above 20000

with the names, address and PAN numbers are required to be submitted. According to data examined by the Association for Democratic Reforms that 73.5% of the BJP funds between 2004 and 2011 amounting to Rs952crore were below 20000 and thus came from unknown sources.

Now, the BJP who wants to bring in reforms for the political funding should first of all reveal it sources how it managed to conduct  such an expensive  and high-tech campaign during 2014 Lok Sabha elections  when Congress being the oldest party  could not afford to invest such funds.

With a nation in rage ,Modi should know fully well that chances of his party victory even in simultaneous elections are very remote.

arti bali

By : Arti Bali Senior Journalist

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