Mann Ki Baat! of Modi


Since coming to power in 2014 Narendra Modi started a radio program which is titled ‘Mann Ki Baat’. Mann ki Baat is a radio program which Modi instrumented to keep in a hook with the masses. Mann ki Baat has had 27 episodes since October 2014 till February 2017.

Mann ki Baat is a phrase of Hindi language which means Voice of Heart. Modi’s strategy is to penetrate to the roots of India with his Mann Ki Baat a good cause but only to his self-dignity rather than to weave India into one rosary. He has been using Mann Ki Baat to promote his policies, which are losing grounds gradually.

Most of the time Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) have been talking that Muslims should join the ‘mainstream’. This term ‘mainstream’ is vast which they never decode. On the other hand, the Muslims of India have incorporated the cultures and traditions of India happily. The Muslim bride also wears red colour clothes at the time of a wedding, which was white in the Arab region. The Muslim females wear the Indian clothes. Muslim men most of the time wear Indian traditional dresses, but still they are not in the ‘mainstream’ as termed by BJP and RSS. Is it that these fanatics (BJP and RSS) want inter-caste marriages?

Change in the scenario has been much still BJP and RSS talk about mainstream. They themselves should understand that from ‘Half Pant’ they have changed their uniform to ‘Full Pant’ is this not a change. Whereas the Muslims mostly wear pants now; who usually used to wear pajamas. RSS has adopted this now whereas the Muslims from many years have been wearing modern outfits. Mann Ki Baat is prevailing nowadays.

RSS and BJP have been insulting the Father of the Nation (Mahatma Gandhi). Has there been any episode that any Muslim has insulted Mahatma Gandhi. But still the Muslims are to be the part of the mainstream. Muslims are everywhere in India, in every industry at top levels, still not in mainstream; Bollywood is full of Muslims, still they are not in mainstream; India had Muslim Presidents and at present the Vice President is Muslim, still Muslims are not in mainstream. Can any RSS or BJP worker/leader decode this hidden term ‘mainstream’ ever? Mann Ki Baat should be clear!

BJP and RSS are rewriting the history of India which is a symbol of Peaceful Co-existence. They are busy in popularizing twisted fact about our rich history. Rana Pratap is being propagated as great worrier against the Mughal. But the real fact is that Grandmother of Rana Pratap; Rani Karnavati sent RAKHI to Mughal Emperor Humayun, calling him a brother and asking for help. He immediately sent his forces for her help as she was attacked by ruler of Gujarat (Bahadur Shah). Bahadur Shah had to; however, flee from Chittor when Mughal military reinforcements arrived. It is a fact that when Rakhi reached Humayun he was having food, he asked his Advisor regarding Rakhi. On the explanation, he immediately left the food, on which his Advisor asked as to why he left the food; to which Emperor Humayun replied, “Honour of a sister is more important than food!” BJP and RSS people will never propagate this factor; rather falsely portray Rana Pratap to be a nationalist of their lines. Mann Ki Baat is important, but these BJP and RSS people will never understand Mann Ki Baat which always will lead one to Peaceful Co-existence. In may blogs online the piteous RSS and BJP bloggers are posting that Emperor Humayun never went to the call of Rani Karnavati, what is the motive behind this is not known till date.

Height of all is that the Education Minister of BJP rule state Rajasthan said his Mann Ki Baat, “Why the Hindus respect cow, the reason is that cow is the only animal which exhales oxygen…!” RSS and BJP are not only trying the rewrite the history of India but soon they will change the concepts of Chemistry, Physics, Biology, etc. They want all should follow what they say.

It is all their Mann Ki Baat, which is creating a situation of unrest in the nation. PM Modi followed his Mann Ki Baat and announced demonetisation, without understanding the aftereffects of his step. Aatma Ki Baat is more important than Mann Ki Baat! Aatma (soul) always speaks truth whereas Mann (heart) is the selfish desire. Modi ji better you should change your thought process and follow the voice of soul than voice of heart as Lord Krishan has said in Mahabharat, “Mann rath hai, indriyen uske ghode aur mastishk uska chalak. Is liyen Mann ko marna seekho!” (Heart is the chariot, nerves its horses and brain the coachman. Therefore, don’t pay heed to heart desires!)

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