Modi is ‘Mauni Baba’ in India, but talks on domestic issues when abroad: Shiv Sena

London: Modi during an interactive session of the ‘Bharat Ki Baat, Sabke Saath’. Photo: IANS/PIB

New Delhi, April 21: The Shiv Sena hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi by referring him as Mauni Baba, who only speaks about domestic issues when he is abroad.

The Uddhav Thackeray-led party also said Modi should follow the advice of his predecessor Manmohan Singh and speak more often.

“(Former prime minister) Manmohan Singh has advised Modi to speak more often and to speak on time. He has also said that Modi’s advice to him when he was the prime minister is now applicable to him as well” news agency PTI quoted Sena as saying in its sensational mouthpiece ‘Saamana’.

“The advice given by Manmohan Singh is only fair. Except for bhakts (Modi supporters), who are flying in the air, the whole country feels the same.

“However, what Manmohan Singh said was only a half-truth. Modi may become a ‘mauni baba’ (mute spectator) in India, but he talks abroad,” the editorial piece added.

Taking potshots on Modi, the Marathi daily said if one wants to see the PM speak, the country’s capital will have to be taken to London, New York, Tokyo, Paris or Germany.

If that is not possible, like, in movies, a “set” of national capitals would have to be established in foreign locales, the editorial stated.

“The Prime Minister has talked about rape cases (in India) in London. This is part of his sensitive mind. He is emotional and there are sparks in his mind against injustice, and we are seeing the sparks turn into flames on foreign land. Is it right for Modi to speak on an issue like rape abroad? Why speak about the insulting incidents there?

“Why should a picture of prevalent corruption, rape incidents and an insecure country should be painted outside?” it questioned and added that on a visit to Japan, Modi had spoken about black money and corruption in India.

“You may have enmity with the previous regime. You may also have a deep enmity with the Congress or the Gandhi family… Speaking about the incidents occurring in the country on foreign land does not befit anybody,” the Sena said.

The Sena publication further said that Diamantaire Nirav Modi looted the country and fled, and Mallya is in London itself, but “our prime minister visit the country that has given him shelter and comes back empty-handed”.

Nirav Modi is a prime accused in the multi-crore Punjab National Fraud, while Mallya is wanted in a loan default case.


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