Modi in Aligarh rakes up RS maths for votes

Aligarh, February 5: Ahead of phase 1 of Uttar Pradesh election, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a public rally at Exhibition grounds in Aligarh today.

It is the second rally out of the 12 scheduled rallies by the prime minister in the poll-bound state. UP is the largest share of Pi for all the political parties. And for BJP led NDA government, it is all the more important as winning UP also means it could raise its concentration in Rajya Sabha (Upper house of parliament) where BJP is not in majority.

Uttar Pradesh has maximum seats in the house and thus to stay atop as the largest political party BJP needs to cement its position in Uttar Pradesh assembly.

Touching upon the Maths, PM Modi today tried to put blame on opposition for not winning the majority in the Upper House.

Modi said it is the opposition which is working to prevent the BJP from having a majority in the Rajya Sabha so as to stall strong anti-corruption laws in the country.

Realizing the implication of SP-Congress coalition as a major factor in hindering BJP’s position in UP, Modi razor-sharped his attack on Congress-Samajwadi Party alliance. He said: These people have not come together to fight election. They have come together because they feel if we (BJP) get a majority in the Rajya Sabha, we will make such laws that there will be no space left for thieves and the corrupt.

Next he took on to Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav and said, “to save himself, he is holding on to other people.”

He said, “People of Uttar Pradesh want justice. This is our fight to get justice for you.”

Defending demonetisation, PM said it brought down “loot” of the past 70 years. “We are fighting so that the money is utilized for the poor,” he added

Yesterday, in Meerut also, PM attacked SP-Congress alliance. In his hour-long speech he largely spoke on corruption, nepotism, criminalisation and opportunism while issues like surgical strikes, demonetisation and the Union Budget took back stage with minimal reference.

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