Modi govt sells Petrol at Rs 34 litre to 15 countries as Mumbai pays Rs86.91/litre


New Delhi, Sep 6 : India is exporting refined petrol to 15 nations at Rs 34 per litre while refined diesel is being exported to 29 countries at Rs 37 per litre but  the prices of petrol and diesel touched a new high on Thursday with Mumbai paying the maximum among the four metros.Petrol costs Rs 86.91 a litre, diesel is priced at Rs75.96 a litre in Mumbai.

According to the RTI revelations, Indian government is exporting Petrol and Diesel on half the prices to Malaysia, Mauritius.

As per the RTI reply from government owned Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited, between January 1, 2018 to June 30, 2018, it exported refined petroleum products (Petrol/Diesel) to five countries-Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mauritius, Singapore and UAE.

RTI worker Rohit Sabharwal was given this information from government owned Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited. India is exporting petrol to Mauritius at Rs36.30/litre and Diesel at 37.06/ litre, Rs 33.84/litre to UAE, Rs 38.26 litre to HongKong , Rs 36.08/litre to Malysia and Rs38.31/litre to Singapore.

The export price of petrol varied between Rs 32 to 34 per liter, diesel was exported Rs 34 to 36 per liter depending on the destination.

While the price of petrol in Delhi has  risen to a record Rs79.51 a litre, while diesel price has been increased to Rs71.55 a litre, which is also at a record high.

In Kolkata, the price of petrol has been increased to Rs82.41 per litre while the diesel price has gone up to Rs74.40 per litre. Similarly, petrol is being sold for Rs82.60 per litre in Chennai and the diesel retail price is Rs75.61 per litre.

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