Modi Govt. compromising with national security, interest: Congress on Rafael deal


Congress party on Tuesday raised the issue of Rafael purchase claiming that there were many irregularities in the deal.    Interacting with the media the senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad said,” Price of each unit of Rafale jet was 520crore during UPA govt. But now the price is 3 times the original price.”

The leader demanding answers from Modi government said,” If this is false, then BJP govt must show us what is the truth.”

Congress also accused BJP government of compromising on National security and interests.

Joining Azad, Congress spokesperson RS Surjewala put questions for the government to answer. He questioned “Why is the price not disclosed?

In his second question, he said,”The same aircraft is sold to another country Qatar. It was 690crore/unit, whereas it was around 1500cr/unit for India. Why such huge difference?”

Stating that before any purchase of defense equipment the permission of CCS is mandatory, Surjewala alleged that the Government did not take any permission for the Rafael Deal.
“There was no Contract/Price negotiating Committee before the procurement. Why did PM Narendra Modi govt violate these procedures?” he added.

Claiming a breach of privilege in the deal Surjewala said,”Why was PSU Hindustan Aeronautical Limited bypassed in favor of a private company?

He said that Defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman in a written reply to MP Rajeev Gowda accepted that she had no idea of the deal.

Congress also questioned the government asking if there was an emergency for the Rafale jets 35 months have passed, yet there is not a single jet.


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