Modi Government turning India into a Surveillance State: Congress

Anand Sharma

New Delhi, Dec 21: The Congress on Friday accused the Narendra Modi government turning India into a “surveillance state” over its order allowing 10 central agencies to intercept, monitor and decrypt any computer.

“Through this order the BJP government is converting India into a surveillance state. It is an ultimate assault on the fundamental rights and Rights to Privacy,” Congress leader Anand Sharma told media outside Parliament.

He said that the order was also in direct conflict with the Supreme Court verdict that “right to privacy is a fundamental right”.

“The government has done it by strength we collectively oppose it. This gives unlimited powers to all these agencies to monitor every information,” he added.

“We have raised the issue several times in Parliament that a large number of people, including politicians, judges, MPs and top government officials’ phones were being tapped by the government.

“The latest order of putting all computers under surveillance is unacceptable in any democracy and we collectively oppose it. The opposition will unitedly raise this issue in Parliament.

“But as this government is unwilling to do, that is why it is not allowing Parliament to function,” added Sharma.

Earlier, Senior Congress leader and former Home Minister P. Chidambaram said if anybody is going to monitor computers, then it is an Orwellian state.

Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala also took to twitter and attacked the government.

“This time, attack on privacy. Modi government mocks and flouts Fundamental ‘Right to Privacy’ with brazen impunity! Having lost elections, now wants to scan/snoop your computers? ‘Big Brother Syndrome’ is truly embedded in NDA’s DNA!,” Surjewala said.



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