Modi government must make Essar tapes public, says Manish Tewari

Manish Tewari

The Congress on Saturday questioned the government’s silence over Essar Group allegedly tapping phones of several top businessmen, former cabinet ministers and high-profile bureaucrats and asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to tell the truth to the country and demanded that the tapes be made public as the people would be the ‘best judge’ to discern its veracity.

Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari demanded that Modi should tell the country the truth about these revelations.

“The allegations are serious and multifaceted implications, but most importantly if those tapes exist, they need to be made public because the people need to know as to what is going on,” Congress leader Manish Tewari told.

A daily newspaper reported that a complaint had been submitted to the Prime Minister’s Office by a lawyer, alleging illegal wiretapping by a top Indian company on the phones of former and present ministers, corporate captains and senior bureaucrats.
The PMO should say if it had received a complaint and if an inquiry had been ordered into the alleged illegal wiretapping between 2001 and 2006, he said.

“Whether a complaint has been received by your (Modi’s) office? Has the Prime Minister ordered an inquiry? When was it ordered? If the enquiry was not ordered, why hasn’t one been ordered?” Tewari asked.

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