Modi government cheated farmers on MSP to gain votes: Congress


New Delhi, June 20: The Congress on Wednesday hit out at the Modi government over a range of farmer-related issues including “defrauding” peasants by giving them a false promise of paying 50 per cent extra for their crop above the minimum mandated by the centre. 

Targeting government, Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala said in a tweet, that it “sowed lies” which it “nurtured with rhetoric” only to “reap votes”.

Surjewala’s tweets were posted as an attack against Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the day he interacted with farmers.

Modi interacted with select farmers across the country through “Narendra Modi App” during which he asked them about their success stories of increase in production and income.

The Congress accused the Centre of reducing expenditure on agriculture and allowing private firms to increase their profits through income from insurance premium and import from foreign countries.


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