‘Modi gave Rafale contract to a businessman who has never built a plane in his life’

Congress President Rahul Gandhi
New Delhi: Congress MP Rahul Gandhi talks to the press at Parliament on Feb 1, 2018. (Photo: IANS)

New Delhi, July 20 : Launching a direct attack on Prime Minister , Congress President Rahul Gandhi said Narendra Modi is colluding with rich businessmen and offering them big contracts and questioned “why a contract of Rafale deal was taken from Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and given to a businessman who has never built a plane in his life.

“There are a few rich businessmen who are in collusion with PM Modi and PM works only for them. The Prime Minister has not been truthful. He must explain why a contract was taken from HAL and given to a businessman who has never in his life built a plane. I know the PM can’t look into my eyes,”Rahul said .

“A businessman who has not built a single airplane in his life and has a debt of Rs 35, 000 crore was given the Rafale deal because of his relationship with PM,” alleged Gandhi as BJP leaders rose up in protest.

Gandhi accused Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharam of lying to the people of the country  on the behest of the PM Narendra Modi on Rafale deal.

“I don’t know what happened, or who he spoke to, but the PM Modi went to France and magically made the price of a helicopter Rs 16,000 crore. The Defence Minister said she will announce the deal, but later said details cannot be divulged as India has a secrecy pact with the French government,” Rahul said.

Gandhi accused Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman of lying to the nation by reneging on her assurance that she will reveal the details of the Rafale fighter jet deal, citing a secrecy pact between India and France.

“I met the French President Emmanuel Macron and he told me that there was no secrecy pact between the two countries,” said Gandhi amid an uproar in the lower house.

Gandhi claimed that the deal for the fighter aircraft was fixed at Rs 52 crore during the UPA regime which “magically” escalated to Rs 1,650 crore in the current regime.

In a dramatic speech in the Lok Sabha, Gandhi also slammed the PM for appearing in the advertisement of Reliance Jio.

Gandhi said that Modi “works only for the few rich businessmen, who are in collusion with him, and not for the country’s poor”.

“Everybody understands and sees the amount of money which goes into the marketing of the Prime Minister of India,”Rahul Gandhi said in Lok Sabha.

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