Modi confusing people with his Kashmir policy and fake unemployment data, says Kapil Sibal

New Delhi, Feb 24 : Former Union Minister Kapil Sibal taunted Prime Minister, saying Narendra Modi, in his five years of his tenure, has only refused to admit his failures.

Further said that Modi buried the true data of unemployment and is now confusing people of India with his Kashmir policy.

Referring to Demonetisation and GST which has ruined the country’s economy, Kapil Sibal took to twitter to attack Modi, ” Avoiding , Burying and Confusing policy busted .But Avoiding to admit- (1) Demonetisation was a big goof up ; (2) Multiple rates of GST a failure ; (3) Rampant corruption:Burying (1) Real GDP (2) Unemployment data,Confusing people by : Your Kashmir policy.”

Addressing business leaders at an event in New Delhi , Prime Minister Modi said that in the five years his government has been at the helm, “instead of avoiding issues, we addressed them; instead of burying, we dug it out, and instead of confusing, we came up with solutions”. He also claimed that hesitation has been replaced by hope and issues by initiatives.

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