Modi cheated Indian soldiers, followed China’s agenda by not raising Doklam in Wuhan: Rahul

New Delhi, July 20: Congress President Rahul Gandhi made an all out attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and accused him of betraying  Indian soldiers by agreeing to follow “Chinese agenda”  at the Wuhan summit .

Rahul said, “After Prime Minister Modi rendezvoused with Chinese President Xi Jinping next to a river in Gujarat, Chinese soldiers entered India and when Xi returned to his country , a few days later PLA troops were in Doklam.”

” Our soldiers defended the country in Doklam but their bravery was betrayed and cheated  by PM Modi as After a few days, PM went to China for Wuhan summit for an agenda-less meeting. The truth is he went there with China’s agenda and  said Doklam will not be discussed. What our soldiers did by facing the Chinese, the PM could not do it… He (PM Modi) cheated our soldiers,” Gandhi asserted.

He added that while Indian soldiers held the fort against the Chinese soldiers PM Modi let them down by not raising the issue with the Chinese side.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi held an informal summit with President Xi Jinping in Wuhan.

“Youth in India trusted Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In his every speech, he (PM) said he will give jobs to two crore youth but only four lakh people have got jobs, rest are still unemployed,” Gandhi said. He compared the status of employment with China which gives jobs to 50,000 people in 24 hours.



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