Modi announces extension of Lockdown across India till May 3

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New Delhi, April 14: Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced extension of the lockdown across India till May 3 to contain the spread of coronavirus.

Modi patted his back by saying that “India did not wait for the problem to escalate, rather, as soon as the problem appeared, we tried to stop it by taking swift decisions. I can’t imagine what the situation would have been if such quick decisions were not taken.”

Even when India did not have a single corona patient, India had begun screening passengers from #COVID19 affected countries, he said.

The total number of coronavirus cases in India has crossed the 10,000, with 339 deaths, according to the latest data from the Union Health Ministry. 31 people have died and 1,211 cases have been reported in the last 24 hours alone.

“People have gone through hardships to save India. I know how many difficulties you faced. I respectfully bow to the people of India for their sacrifice,” he added.

Till 20th April, all districts, localities, states will be closely monitored, as to how strictly they are implementing norms. States which will not let hotspots increase, they could be allowed to let some important activities resume, but with certain conditions,” Modi informed the nation in a televised address.

“COVID-19 testing is being done in over 220 labs. According to world’s experience of tackling COVID-19, 1500-1600 beds are needed when cases reach 10,000. We have over 1 lakh beds in India & over 600 hospitals for treating COVID patients. We’re expanding these facilities,” PM Modi said.

“We closed all malls and shopping complexes just when cases crossed 100 and when it was 500 we locked down the entire country for 21 days. We have been proactive in dealing with coronavirus.

” Compared to several developed countries, India is stable and have fewer cases compared to them. Coronavirus has created havoc in the entire world. All of you are witness to how we have been unitedly fighting coronavirus. Even though there was no case of coronavirus in India, but we started screening all those coming back to India,” he said.

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