Mobile phones kill 2,100 on wheels in a year

road accidents

NEW DELHI, Sep 7: Mobile phones are becoming dangerous, while driving it has taken 2,138 lives last year. On the other hand, faulty speed-breakers, potholes and not properly maintained roads claimed 26 deaths on the roads every day, according to transport ministry data.

First time Road Ministry collected data and reported UP with  maximum no. of deaths while using mobile phones followed by Haryana. Delhi reported two deaths while Maharashtra registered 172 fatalities.

According to the report, 17 people died every hour in road accidents caused by use of mobile phones by drivers and pedestrians as well.

“People using mobile phone and taking selfies while driving are increasingly posing a greater risk to themselves and others as well,” road transport minister Nitin Gadkari said.

“Ill-designed speed-breakers have become a menace and more people are left injured for no fault of theirs. These are illegal. We will soon come out with a new design of speed-breakers,” Gadkari added.

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