Mixed reactions on Twitter over Rahul’s Assam rally speech

Rahul Gandhi
Formers Congress President Rahul Gandhi

Guwahati, Dec 28 : As Congress leader Rahul Gandhi addressed a public rally here on Saturday, Twitter users tweeted messages of support to him. Others flayed the Congress leader on several issues.

RahulWithAssam trended as the Congress tweeted excerpts from his addresses at the ‘Ashtitwa Rakhyar Samabekh’ in which he claimed that his prediction had come true that Assam will see violence if the BJP came to power in the state. The post got 612 retweets and 1.7K likes.

Congress supporters tweeted “We are with you” and “Very well done… RG… HAPPY AINC Foundation Day….”

One party supporter tweeted: “My heartfelt thanks to the Congress for its major contribution in the freedom struggle, and uniting people of all religions to build this beautiful country.”

“We believe you and your team will make a difference to the nation,” one supporter wrote.

One user tweeted: “A total of 77 children have died in Kota in Rajasthan in one month but the Congress is busy in stoking unrest in the country.”

One user wrote: “AO Hume to Sonia Antinio… both are foreigners and outsiders. Even after more than 100 years it could not be an Indian nationalist party.””This is the true story of poor Indians — they still have faith in the Congress,” another commented.

One post read: “Not good comedy today….”

Another user said: “There is now work for Rahul Gandhi. The Congress now has become one-family party. You are doing a good job but there is no impact on the masses….”

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