Miracle! World’s First Heart Surgery Performed Inside the Womb


New Delhi, July 28: World’s first in womb heart surgery was done by team of Canadian doctors on a baby boy in Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital.

According to report, baby Sebastian was not having proper circulation of oxygen and blood in his body and was suffering with two severe congenital heart defects in the womb.

Doctors warned his parents, Christopher Havill and Kristine Barry that he would be born ‘blue and silent’.

But, to everyone’s surprise, Sebastian was born ‘pink and screaming’ on 23 May.

Dozens of doctors were involved in the surgery which opened up the baby’s heart valves while he was still in the womb. The surgery which happened on 18 May gave the doctors enough time to deliver the baby via cesarean section.

The procedure involved inserting balloon like contraption into Sebastian’s heart to connect two chambers.

The doctors performed an open-heart surgery a week after his delivery for the permanently repair.

Though Sebastian will need regular check-ups in future.

Wefornews Bureau

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