Minors turn into monsters, set three puppies on fire


Hyderabad, July 21: There are many incidents when some people prove that they are more inhuman than animals even to those pets which are considered most lovable companions.

As in an horrible incident where five teens have forced people to call them executioners rather than minors by setting three puppies on fire forcefully just to have vicarious pleasure.

The extreme cruelty towards dogs came into light when a person not known yet uploaded the video of malicious crime showing minors initially playing with stray puppies but after a while they inhumanly put dogs on fire.

The accused were seen holding the pups by their tails and throwing them in the fire. When the screaming puppies tried to come out, the boys threw them back with sticks. The incident held in Patahnwadi area of Musheerabad in the heart of Hyderabad.

The disturbing video went viral on social media, spreading outrage among the society.

Police said as all the boys were juveniles, and are sent for counselling.

Shreya, cruelty response manager at Humane Society International, India, said she received a complaint about the incident on Tuesday and filed a complaint with Musheerabad police station, which registered a case.

The boys are said to have committed the act on July 16.
Earlier, two medical students ferociously threw a dog from atop of a three-storey terrace in Chennai and uploaded the video on social media. Both the accused were arrested but released on bail after some time.

Animal rights activists demanding amendments in the law dealing with cruelty to animals to provide for stricter punishment to offenders.

Shockingly, as the maximum punishment for killing an animal is just Rs 50 which seems to be one of the reasons for these kind of raising incidents against animals. This is the high time when some action should be taken to halt these type of extreme cruelty towards animals and ensure their protection.

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