Minor ‘physically abused’ in Kolkata private school


Kolkata, Dec 1: A four-year-old girl had to be hospitalised after being allegedly physically abused by one of her teachers in a south Kolkata-based private school, her father accused.

The girl was found profusely bleeding from her private parts after she returned from school on Thursday, he said.

“We initially thought it was some kind of infection. We took her to the doctor, who said she was actually physically abused.

“We have lodged a police complaint against one of her school teachers after she confessed being abused by him,” the father said.

He said he would also complain against the lack of security for children inside the school premises.

“My daughter is still in a lot of pain. She has been admitted to the PG Hospital since yesterday night where she would go through a number of medical test today,” he said.

The police refused to comment on the issue before taking a look at the medical reports. However, they admitted that a complaint has been lodged by the child’s father.


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