Militants in Afghanistan find Alternate Option

Efforts would be made by ISIS to exploit the fluid situation in North Africa as well due to the weak governance and prevailing chaos and civil conflict there.
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Kabul, Dec 24 : As the situation in Afghanistan deteriorates in terms of security with declining stability and the absence of an inclusive government, the Taliban government is under severe pressure to deal with the ISIS and other violent Islamic groups operating in Afghanistan.

Serious concerns have been expressed by the Central Asian States as well countries in the South and South East Asian region about the possibility of Afghanistan emerging as a hub of Islamic militancy under the Taliban, thus disturbing the security situation in the country and the region.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has only reiterated this fact by stating at the OIC Conference recently that Pakistan has always faced attacks from various terror entities operating from Afghanistan.

According to a report on Afghanistan by the Federal News Agency of Russia, there is large scale presence of ISIS and Al-Qaeda cadres in Afghanistan who are being sheltered by elements within the Taliban.

However, with growing pressure on Kabul to ensure more robust security infrastructure, there are efforts being made to get Afghanistan rid of such elements. The fact remains that under no circumstances the Taliban would make the mistake of fighting such groups/entities but would rather prefer their re-location. There have apparently been attempts by the Taliban to look at the latter option.

The Russian agency report mentions that there are indications that a number of ISIS cadres are leaving Afghanistan as their personal security and future remains unclear. Many of these radicals are headed towards Libya where they intend to organise new terror formations which may result in repeat of the situation in Iraq and Syria in the past.

Efforts would be made by ISIS to exploit the fluid situation in North Africa as well due to the weak governance and prevailing chaos and civil conflict there.

According to the Russian Media report, such movement of ISIS cadres from Afghanistan is being facilitated by a Tripoli based individual named Abdul Rauf Karra, the leader of the RADA, a group that operates in Tripoli as an independent entity.

The report claims that the information was ostensibly made available to the Russian media agency by the Head of the Fund for the Protection of National Values, Maxim Shugalei, who has worked in Libya and Afghanistan.

According to inputs, the Russian media report mentions that the possibility of Turkey playing an important role in transporting these elements from Afghanistan to Libya cannot be ruled out. Referring to various experts, the media mentions that Ankara wants to strengthen its influence in the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa and is prepared to go to any extent to achieve its objectives.

While pushing this agenda, the Turkish leadership would continue to publicly assure that it intends pursuing a transparent approach simultaneously keeping in mind humanitarian issues and to ensure peaceful settlement of all complex issues.

The RADA is known as the Special Deterrence Forces in Libya and is a militia led by Abdul Rauf Karra. It functions mostly as an autonomous body and controls many strategic locations in the Libyan capital, Tripoli including the main Triploi airport. The force is however beyond the control of any judicial authority and has considerable freedom to operate.

As per the Russian news agency report, non state actors such as the RADA have been active in facilitating covert movements of this nature in Afghanistan.

The discreet movement of terrorists of different background alongwith resources and assets to Libya or any other destination is a case of serious concern as they may eventually be used by vested interests for power projections in the bitter and complex game of power dynamics in the region. Such movements have taken place in the past depending on the prevailing situation on ground.

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