Michael Jackson tells daughter to bleach his skin


Los Angeles, July 18: Late pop star Michael Jackson reportedly used to tell his daughter Paris to apply skin bleaching cream on him.

The “Heal The World” singer’s former physician Conrad Murray has claimed in This Is It”, a tell-all book about the late star. Murray says that MJ told Paris, now aged 18, to slather on the bleach on him because she was whiter than his sons Prince, 19 and Blanket, 14 and it wouldn’t affect her, reports mirror.co.uk.paris-wefornewsAn excerpt from the book reads: “Every evening I applied the cream. I wore gloves, since careless handling could lead to my own patchy skin appearance. I was concerned when Michael told me that sometimes he had Paris put on the cream.

“Michael thought that since Paris is the ‘whitest’ of his children, there was no risk to her in turning lighter. Still, as I warned him, everybody has different shades of white, and I highly recommended that Paris not apply the permanent skin lightener.”

Jackson, who was born black, accounted for his gradually whiter skin over the years by telling the press he suffered from a lack of pigment in his skin, a condition known as vitiligo.

But Murray claims that Jackson had confessed to him that it was a lie.

“He admitted to me that he often had to tell little lies by denying the use of products to bleach his skin, and to even his skin tone. But one thing he did not lie about was he wanted to be a white man.”

The King of Pop had died due to a fatal overdose of prescription drugs in 2009.

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