MeToo Poem


At last the guilt of holding truth was too much to bear

Thanks to #MeToo that gave us chance to roll our tears

This was our little secret which we kept in heart for years

It was a crime done by one who we thought to be venerable

In the end just turned out to be lascivious and lecherous

We live in times that make it all too easy for us To become a case of what he said vs. what she said

Why we still hear the cliched line ‘men will be men’ why powerful men like M J Akbar and Nana Patekar get away

With their crimes where victim herself becomes the culprit Thanks to #MeToo which took so long to come but good it came

It nonetheless told us that this Akbar isn’t all that great

To all of you wonderful girls who cursed and cried in solitude You are brave because you are not alone……………..#MeTo

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