Mega National Start-Up Event: I-Ideapreneurship 2016


INTEGER Innovation

presents for very first time at national level a mega national start-up event of its own new format named as “I-Ideapreneurship 2016”.As the name depicts to stir up your idea box into entrepreneurship. This event is announced socially for all the young budding start-ups who are ready to come up with their new innovative ideas but not a single one- stop solution is there to fulfil their needs. This will be the only platform where they will be getting their 360 degree feedback to fulfil their needs. To promote their hidden ideas because we believe that ideas are not for storage.
It can also be said in nutshell as “One stop solution platform for all the start-ups”


“One stop solution platform under one roof”
A social event to promote all the young buddies who are not getting ample support from nowhere to get their ideas showcased on right platform, in front of right people, in right direction. This event is an open invitation to all start-ups to join and put their ideas on table because this is the right time to pitch it loudly. Say it LOUD and CLEAR: “I am a future Entrepreneur of my nation”

What is “I-Ideapreneurship”?

Start-up perspective:

  • Idea is to bring Start-ups, Venture Capitalist/ Investors under one roof and platform just to remove the gap between them for fund raising. This gap is filled up by INTEGER Innovation.
  • To bridge the gap between the start-up loopholes and investors using “I-Impact” rule.
  • A platform where your virtual ideas are given shape in realistic world.
  • A Platform to pitch your ideas in right direction, at right time, in front of right people.
  • All start-ups registered with INTEGER will be helped to get in touch with investors even after the event forever.
  • Mentorship with futuristic goal plans will be decided to help start-ups focusing on their loopholes.
  • Meetings with mentors to help start-up’s to get them prepare their business models and timely execution. Starts-up will be given ample support with feedbacks from INTEGER Innovation.
  • Meet your own co- startups members and engage with them at right time to fully utilize your skill set.
  • An ideal environment to groom your start-up with 360 degree feedback.
  • INTEGER Start-Up Incubation Centre(ISIC) of its own with new concept and methodology very soon.(Note**: To be announced officially during the event)


 Networking perspective:
1.  Idea is to bring Start-up’s and corporate under one roof to help exchange the ideas between the
established the corporate industries and growing start-up’s.
2.  To bridge the gap as what all start-ups need from corporate industries and how corporate grows
to set an example for young start-ups.

3.  As individual the young youth attending this event will be getting good learning experience as what all
can contributed and how their skill set can be enriched by joining different start-ups at early stage. This
will be a good platform for them to get engaged in right direction.
4.   Different start-up’s interacting with each other at event will solve their team formation loophole too.

  College/University perspective:
1.   Different College representatives presiding over the event will get to know that academics is not all
which a student is carrying out at present in college/university.
2.   The college authorities should help and promote the student talent at right stage and provide him/her
with ample support.
3.   They should understand each and every student is master of his/her own skill set.


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