Meditation, sea salt help bring Good Vibes at home


Good energy plays a key role in bringing in good vibes in your home. Try using sea salt, which helps in purifying the house and never keep any kind of heavy furniture in the center of your house as it blocks off all the positive energy entering your house, says an expert.

Madhu Kotiya, spiritual healer at, has shared tips to put away all the negativity from your home.

* Sea salt: This is a very usually applied and tested formula to put away all the negativity from the house. It will refine your home and create a lot of fresh space. Sea salt can be used as it is or can be mixed with water and can be placed in different areas of your house. Make sure it is placed in North-east or South-west directions.


* Remove all the mess: All of us have the habit of piling up old stuff in drawers and bed boxes without realizing that we are actually trapping all the negative energies inside the house. Throw away all that you don’t need anymore, be it old messy clothes or old newspapers and magazines. Also, make your bed in the morning before you leave your house.

* Reschedule your furniture every now and then: Never keep any kind of big furniture in the center of your house as it blocks off all the positive energy. Try keeping plants inside your house as it adds color, life and bring in positive vibes.


* Avoid overcrowded walkways: Place small little things on the walkways, according to the area and space. Avoid booming paintings or frames on that way.

* Meditation: Meditating once or twice a day in your living space will bring in positive vibes to your home.

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