McDonald’s to open 1,300 outlets in China


CEO of Fast food giant McDonald’s  Steve Easterbrook  has planned to open approximately 1,300 fast food restaurants in China over the next five years. Easterbrook said that the firm wants to make China its second largest market worldwide, after only the US.

Easterbrook said that the aim is to open some 250 restaurants this year, and to do that the firm will seek an investing partner to participate in broadening its franchise business in China, where McDonald’s currently operates some 2,200 stores.

The firm’s expansion plans in China comes along with those of other multinationals such as coffee chain Starbucks, which plans to open some 500 coffee shops per year over the next five years in the Asian country, or sports retailer Adidas, which wants to open some 3,000 stores.

Easterbrook also announced that given the rising interest among Chinese consumers in healthier food options, the company will include more items on its menus in China such as apple slices and whole wheat cupcakes.

Wefornews bureau

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