Mayawati targeted BJP over Kairana polarisation


Many feel that Kairana incident could be used to communalise the atmosphere ahead of the elections. Taking the hands on the issue just before the upcoming elections Bhaujan Samaj Party Supremo Mayawati stiked out at BJP over the alleged mass migration of Hindus from Kairana town in Shamli district.

“Kairana incident was raked by the BJP as a part of conspiracy to divert people’s attention from its defeat in RS and Council polls in UP and to gain political mileage,” Mayawati said.

BSP chief Mayawati on Tuesday said the issue of alleged migration of Hindu families from Kairana has been ‘created’ by the BJP after it failed to get its two candidates for Rajya Sabha and two for Legislative Council elected in Uttar Pradesh to claim any momentum before assembly polls.

Mayawati also made a fresh demand for imposition of President’s rule in the state on Law and order grounds.

“They were planning to sound the bugle for elections from Allahabad national executive after showing the victory of their candidates in Rajya Sabha and Legislative Council elections with the use of money power. When they failed in that, the issue of people migrating from Kairana was invented, showing as if only Muslims were responsible for causing the migration,” she told reporters at her residence.

in a recent BJP’s campaign for the crucial Uttar Pradesh Assembly election,BJP national president Amit Shah had slammed the UP government on reports of “exodus” of Hindus from Kairana. “Do you want such (an) exodus from UP? If you do not want that, then remove this SP government from power”

Earlier on June 12, there were media reports that a large number of Hindu families from the small town of Kairana in Shamli, Uttar Pradesh have been migrating out of their homes to safer locations.


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