Mayawati for SC inquiry into Vikas Dubey’s death


Bahujan Samaj Party national president Mayawati has demanded an inquiry by the Supreme Court into the death of gangster Vikas Dubey in a police encounter in Kanpur on Friday. He was the main accused in the murder of eight policemen in Kanpur.

Mayawati tweeted, saying, “The overturning of the police vehicle and the subsequent death of gangster Vikas Dubey in the ensuing encounter following his attempt to escape from the UP police custody must be investigated under the supervision of the Supreme Court.”

“The high-level inquiry is also necessary to deliver justice to the families of the 8 policemen killed in the Kanpur massacre. The inquiry must also unravel the nexus between the police and politicians and punish all those found guilty,” Mayawati added.

Kanpur SSP Dinesh Kumar has confirmed the death of Vikas Dubey in the encounter. According to him, after the vehicle overturned, Vikas Dubey tried to flee with the weapons of the policemen. When the police tried to stop him, he fired and was killed in the retaliatory fire by the police.


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