Massive truck explosion rocks Kabul, Taliban claims responsibility


Kabul, Aug 1: A massive blast hits Kabul at around 1.25 a.m. (local time) on Monday which was heard across most of the city, BBC reported.

As per officials, it was a truck bomb at the North Gate compound housing foreign contractors and it is suspected that four attackers were involved in it.

Meanwhile, the Taliban claimed the resposibility of the attack.

However, no casualties have been reported yet. Power in parts of Kabul was briefly suspended shortly before the blast and least 2 suicide bombers are killed.

Additional security personnel reached at spot of explosion at Northgate hotel and exchanged heavy gunshots.

Last week, two suicide bombers linked to the Islamic State (IS) claimed 80 lives and wounded over 230 in Kabul.

In July 2013, North Gate guesthouse was attacked when five militants blasted open a wall with a truck bomb and made their way into the compound. Five security guards were killed before the attackers were gunned down, Tolo news reported.

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