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Mass cyberattack strikes computer systems worldwide


Tens of thousands of computers in 74 countries have been infected by a ransomware virus which extorts users by blocking Windows files and demanding payment to restore access.

12 May 2017
19:56 GMT
Computers of Russia’s Interior Ministry have been infected with the malware, the ministry said on Friday evening.

Some 1,000 Windows-operated PCs were affected, which is less than one percent of the total number of such computers in the ministry, its spokeswoman, Irina Volk said in a statement.

The virus has been localized and works to eliminate it are being carried out.

The servers of the ministry had not been affected, the spokewoman added.

19:55 GMT
Microsoft has been providing additional assistance to its clients in the wake of the attack, a spokesman said on Friday. The company added detection and protection tools to counter the major malicious software, he added.

19:39 GMT
In Russia, telecom giant Megafon has been affected.

“The very virus that is spreading worldwide and demanding $300 to be dealt with has been found on a large number of our computers in the second half of the day today,” Megafon’s spokesperson Pyotr Lidov told RT.

The internal network had been affected, he said, adding that in terms of the company’s customer services, the work of the support team had been temporarily hindered, “as operators use computers” to provide their services.

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