Markaz chief in self-quarantine; cooperating with agencies


New Delhi, April 1 : As law enforcement agencies are tightening their grip around Maulana Saad of the Markaz Nizamuddin he has released an audio for his followers saying he is in self-quarantine.

Maulana Saad in the audio says that “I am in self-quarantine in Delhi as advised by the doctors and appeal to all Jamaat wherever they are in the country to follow the directives of the law .”

He said that it is advised to remain indoors and adhere to the directives of the government and not to assemble anywhere.

He said that “the pandemic is due to sins of human being committed by them.”

His lawyer Fuzail Ahmed Ayyubi speaking to IANS said that “Maulana Saad has asked every person of Tablighi Jamat to approach the authorities of their respective districts and extend cooperation to them. In particular they should present themselves for medical examination for their safety as well for the safety of others. “

“Full cooperation is being extended to all the authorities,” he said.

The police officials till now have only sent some questions which are being replied Ayyubi said that all the people are with the police who have been quarantined or hospitalised police can ask anybody and “we have nothing to hide.”

Ayyubi said that media is not taking all the facts into account specially the statement issued by the Markaz.

Meanwhile the Markaz was evacuated on Wednesday.

After the evacuation Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said “After 36 hours of operation with the help of medical staff, DTC till 4 a.m. whole building has been emptied. A total of 2,361 persons were found out of which 617 have been admitted to the hospitals, and the rest of them have been quarantined.”

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