Marine Le Pen pursuit of making France a world power jitters Europe

France will hold first round of its presidential elections on April 23,2017 and this time it is the most aggressive and open battle for presidency in decades with four main contenders in this elections:Emmanuel Macron, Marine Le Pen ,Francois Fillon and Jean-Luc Melenchon.

French presidential elections 2017 are being inspired and being impacted by the ongoing developments after Donald Trump’s inauguration as President and his aggressive implementation of his numerous executive orders that tantamount to banning immigrants etc, Brexit victory ,France being the target of increasing number of Islamic State (ISIS) attacks  and immigration.

Emmanuel Macron , the former Socialist Economy minister is known for his centrist and pro-Europe views.Macron has founded his own movement ,En Marche (On the move).He is using old French motto for campaigning “Liberte’, Egalite’, Fraternite’ “(Liberty, equality and fraternity) .He is a staunch critic of Donald Trump and is in favour of boosting ties with Germany.He promised to boost defence spending

But Opinion polls suggest Macron as trailing the Far-right National front leader Marine Le Pen and is pushing Donald Trump like agenda of putting “France first”and promising to free the French from the yoke of Islamic fundamentalism.

Pen cherishes ambitions to make France a power again and push agendas for borders, money, laws and country’s budget . •Her plan focuses on replacing the euro with a basket of new national currencies •Revoke central-bank independence •Create money to finance welfare, industrial strategy, repay debt •She said if elected she would negotiate much greater autonomy for France within the EU or hold a referendum on a Frexit if Europe rejects her demands .

Pen’s agenda also includes that immigrants have to adapt to French culture  or stay back home , set up manufacturing jobs in the country . She prefers to have close relations with Russia. Pen is however under investigation for hiring staff for phatom jobs in Brussels .Le Pen said “We do not want to live under the tyranny of fundamentalism.”

The Republican candidate Francois Fillon has served under Nicholas Sarkozy is also in a strong position for the presidential race . But Fillion is alleged to be involved in scandal over alleged fake jobs for members of his family,his wife penelope  had earned Euro900,000 over a period of 12 years.He proposes tightening of the economy through  Radical strategy ,cutting 500,000 civil-service jobs  scrapping 35 hour work week and wealth tax and the jihadists returning from wars in Iraq and Syria be stripped of their French nationality.

He is under immense pressure to quit the presidential race.

Opinion polls suggest that Le Pen will win votes in the first round on April 23 to reach the runoff but she may get defeated in the second round on May 7

Macron accused Le Pen of couching the National Fron’t raw nationalism”some pretend to be talking in the name of the people but they are just ventriloquists”

Jean -Luc melenchon is from far-left presidential candidate who kicked off his campaign using a hologram  technology oriented views and his prospects are bleak.

The elections of France, United States, Britain indicates that each of these countries want their own identity to be counted and to become world power .

arti bali

By : Arti Bali

Senior Journalist

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